Baby Vincent Van Cat


Baby Vincent

Happy to announce that the baby kitten our farm cat ‘Saint Bobby’ brought home a couple months ago is happy and well! Poor neutered Bobby obviously wanted children so he went out and found himself one. I had the humane society do the kitten’s tests and neutering knowing that whether I wanted to keep the kitten or not, Bobby did. So that was that. Bug, Bobby, and I christened the new baby, Vincent, because he had flaming red hair just like our beloved dutch painter, Van Gogh. I’m always telling my students to surround themselves with the artists that inspire them!

So off baby Vincent went, into the humane society feral cat program to undergo his health tests and neutering- fabulous program by the way! When I picked him up, the vet tech alerted me that his ears may have a bit of sensitivity. Ears?? I quickly made sure that the little ‘bits’ he had lost had more to do with his reproductive system than his hearing. They assured me that the system is to neuter the males and clip their ears so that it can be known which cats are healthy and fixed even out in the wild. I erupted in laughter and the vet tech said she had never before received that reaction to their ‘clipping’ of ears. I said, ‘but I named him Vincent!’ No reaction. ‘Van Gogh!! He also clipped his ear!’ I think there may be quite a few more ‘Vincents’ and ‘Van Cats’ at the humane society in the future. 😉

Saint Bobby was adopted from the humane society and then he went out and adopted his own baby. The system WORKS!! Everyone, even little kittens, have destinies.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Your friend in Art,

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