‘With Love From Kona” Collection –

A Community that prioritizes art fosters a participation in something larger than itself. Buying art in that community becomes a way one grows with camaraderie. The stewardship of Polynesian Art promotes, preserves and enhances the cultural, historical, and economical value of the artist in our collection… and… YOU! The moods, memories, character, conversations, and colors; the supports and inspirations are all of ours. With Love, From Kona. 


Kira Kamamalu’s ‘wet on wet’, ‘single sitting’, ‘single knife’ paintings define a stern confidence and enhanced faith in her skills. “Painting is a communion with God,” says Kira, as well as her ancestral community. Within her circle of contemporary Polynesian Artists, Kira is growing from their center. Devoted to the finer arts, which are not traditionally reflected in the folk art of her peers, Kira is redefining Polynesian Art. Most recently with her modern clothing line of Hawaiian dresses.


7 Series

For Serious Collectors


Rarely does a curator find an artist deserving of ‘Series Collections’. These series enhance, preserve, and promote the economic value of their art naturally, without any promotion other than the chosen palette.

Series are chosen for juxtaposition and narrative, technical skill and of course future economical resilience.

These ‘art companions’ create an additional image or images only imagined when the works are viewed together.

Value increases. Value preserves. Value prioritizes.


Series One:  5 New Works

K-Town / Shaved Ice / Trolley / Paddlers / Cruise Ship


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 These are the five focal works of the ‘With love from Kona’ exhibition.

Contemporary scenes are the pulse, soul and heart of narrative art. Infrastructure, commerce and industry are themes of the most collectible art in the world. The recognizable enhances the value. Five works become a virtual map of the bay front. Five works, collected together, enhance mood, memories, character, conversation, color, support and inspiration- with love from Kona.


Series Two: 2 Important Works

Fishermen / Kona Night

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Two compositions, side by side, no better describe Kira Kamamalu’s skills as an emerging artist as ‘Fishermen’ and ‘Kona Night’.

A palette- knife, single-seating, ‘A’ La’ Prima’, paintings are by all regards the most difficult technique to achieve. Capturing romanticism via landscape, Kira’s ‘Kona Night’ evokes Van Gogh. Moving into the composition ‘Fishermen’ her figurative work is unmatched. Side by side these two works evoke valuable accolades and recognition as the wisest investments for collection.


Series Three: 2 Works of Feminine Importance

Old ‘A’ Bathers / Ukulele Ladies

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Art as a medium for mentorship is almost always gifted within a powerful feminine subject; contemporarily and historically.   ‘Old ‘A’Bathers’ epitomizes this power of art on a massive canvas with five equally powerfully composed figures in concentrative repose. The highly collectable ‘Ukulele Ladies’ celebrates, by enhancing cultural growth through the fostering of participation within the feminine community. Two timeless works combine to provide the dialogue whose time is now.


Series Four: 3 Small, Largely Important Works

Coconut Buttons / Coffee Shack / Farmers Market

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A small subject matter of a major subject. Protecting cultural lands through a conscienscious advent of renewable goods, ‘Coconut Buttons’, announces ‘made in Hawaii’. With high fashion and history, Kira’s K.K. clothing line adorns these very buttons, helping to enhance, support and promote the economic value of this small work of art.

Preservation is a defining trait. Social impact is a cultural medium shared through conversations and memories. They are invaluable. Kona’s handful of surviving century old coffeshacks have finally found a medium to immortalize their valuable, unique Hawaiian history.

Kona’s Farmers Market is a gift no other small town in America can claim. Perhaps nowhere else in the world. Market districts are reserved for major cosmopolitan cities with populations in the millions and citizens with the diverse and specialized needs only an eclectic disorganized ‘street sale’ can sedate. However small, Kona is this cosmopolitan, is this diverse, is this beautiful and eclectic.


Series Five: 3 Royal Pieces of Art

(Niumalu / Kane Pa’u / Lana’i Pa’u Princess)

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The finest Polynesian art depicts scenes of prideful facts. The finest art demands that technical skill is also displayed proudly. Hawaiian pride is home to a royal ancestry. Kira and her art are direct decedents. ‘Kane Pa’u’ and ‘Lana’i Pa’u, celebrate this lineage to this present day. They define the most culturally valuable, significant paintings in the collection.

Royal laws, love and leisure set the mood of Kona. All composed from the springs of Niumalu. The stewardship of Hawaiian land and art is a native peoples greatest resource. Its economic priority is cooperatively managed by the similar stewardship and love of its art.


Series Six: A Lifestyle of Art and Leisure

Puako Parasol / Portrait of the Artist Lover / Ahuena Bathers

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Great art evokes emotion, deserves to be fostered, archived and managed.

Often these emotions tend towards darker inspirations such as fear, strife and/or war.

Not Kira’s art.

Not Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’.

‘Puako Parasol’, ‘Portrait of the Artist’s Lover’, and ‘Ahuens Bather’s’, calm tranquil palette, colors, values and flowing figures create the rarest figurative prize; peace, content and calm. There are a myriad of definitions for ‘heart’. This is Kira’s definition.


Series Seven: Kona has chosen an Artist

Protest Parade / Homeless

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Historically, curators purchase art that reflect the social issues which steward a camaraderie. Curators recognize the necessity and importance of this communion with the audience. Interestingly, in their initial release, these ‘protest pieces’  fetch the lowest bids, but, later are purchased by museums for astronomical prices.

A curator’s innate intuition becomes an invaluable gift.

Here are those two paintings.



Mahalo Nui for viewing the new Kira Kamamalu Collection, “From Kona with Love”

Price listed is for originals. Limited edition paper or canvas prints signed and numbered by the artist also available. For purchase options and all other questions contact:

Hamilton Kellogg – Curator
(808) 747-0765